Micro-fiction? Perish the thought!


I didn’t even know about blogging events till today’s 101 assignment. Then I browsed the list and thought David Borrowdale’s Micro Bookends looked cool. He provides the first and last words and you write what’s in between. 90 – 110 words (not including the title). The prompts are posted Thursday p.m. and you have 24 hours to submit. Examples of recent prompts: peace prize; general theory; video sharing.

Then I thought, am I going to do this? No way. Far too much other stuff to do. All the same, though, could be fun, couldn’t it? Let’s see… How would I set about it? And I picked up a book and out popped a couple of words at random. Stamp collection.

The Voice That Couldn’t

Stamp on it. Now! Yeah, that’s better. Gone.

But it wasn’t gone. He could stamp as much as he liked, it always came back. The thought. Crush it, said the voice, but his weren’t the kind of thoughts that give up and die.

More than a thought now. A need.

Let’s move on, you hear? Hey, look – you don’t have to do this.

The voice of reason. Huh! A whisper in the wind. No one to hear it now.

There – in the park. That one, wandering off, parents asleep. It won’t take long. She’ll never know what happened. Just one more. To add to the collection.

The thing is though, I don’t have time to spend all day fiddling with micro-fiction. I’m working on Perfume Island. Take part in a competition? I’m stamping on that idea right now. That’s better. Gone.

Oh, all right. Just this once. To add to Borrowdale’s collection.


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