I tweet, therefore I am


In its way, Book Country is a social network too, a sort of club where writers chat, critique and connect. And when I reviewed In Search of the Hercules, by Marlin Williams, he did the same for One Green Bottle, and we connected. Both he and his wife are extremely supportive, and they believe in OGB as much as I do – probably more, in fact, given that they’re not stricken by regular crises of doubt, as I am. Shiela is even going through it now with an editor’s eye, pointing out typos, errors of usage, and other infelicities. As any writer knows, feedback like that is invaluable. So it’s one of those situations where you can’t say thank you enough because all the thanks in the world remain inadequate.

Anyway, Marlin suggested one day I should do PitMad. I thought he’d got the wrong person at first, but I soon discovered it’s not about Pit Bull Terriers, it’s a Twitter thing. Every so often, writers are given a chance to pitch their work to publishers and agents within a given 24-hour period. So now there are whole blog posts about how to pitch a novel in 140 characters.

But to do that, obviously, you need a Twitter account. It was surprisingly easy to set up, and within a few minutes I’d sent my first tweet, which was a silly tweet about sending my first tweet. In fact, most of my first tweets were silly. Then I thought an agent, if ever they looked, might not want to represent someone silly, so I switched to poetry. Most of the poems were uplifting (even if a few silly ones crept in). And I started getting likes, and retweets, and followers, and it was all incredibly exciting.

And then I started this blog, and I haven’t tweeted since (except for the blog post titles, which go there automatically). Because blogging is actually far more fun than tweeting, which basically only serves to remind me I’m not Oscar Wilde. My wife informs me that unless you have at least 3000 followers on Twitter, you’re a nobody. I find that strangely comforting. At the present rate, I have a good chance of becoming a somebody shortly before I die.

Meanwhile, I’d best start preparing my pitch for the next PitMad. Sorry, I mean #PitMad.

4 thoughts on “I tweet, therefore I am

  1. I refuse to do the Twitter thing. I did set up a page in Facebook, and between that, which is barely off the ground, and the blog, I have enough to keep up with. I’ve always posted my blog to Facebook (my personal site, the page is new), and have been disappointed in the lack of interest of my “friends” to read and follow me. But they all have no problem reading and posting political comments, recipes, and what they have for dinner. Oh well, I’m building a following here, that is good enough for now. Good luck with the #PitMad.


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