Pic’n’Post: Hidden in the Pile


The story-teller’s picture. They could be water melons. That’s what they’re meant to look like, certainly. But there’s more to this than meets the eye. Something sinister hidden in that pile, something that has to be discovered. A secret message, hidden in a particular seed within a particular melon. Put there earlier by a spy. But what sort of spy? What’s in the message? And how will its rightful addressee discover it? (to be continued…)

The picture-taker’s story. Dushanbe, Tadjikistan. A nice enough place, to be sure, but once you get there, quite a lot of time can be spent trying to get out. We wanted to fly to Khorog in the Pamir Mountains, but the plane only leaves when weather permits, which it didn’t. By road, then? It would take three days, but why not? Well, the map said there were landmines. ‘Oh, there can’t be that many,’ I said to Madeleine in my customary show of bravado. She didn’t bother to answer. She knew I’d soon come round to her point of view. So instead of taking a clapped out taxi to Khorog, I took pictures of melons in the market. More sensible, I suppose. Even if there’s something sinister hidden in there…

Over to you. Any pictures, stories or ideas you want to highlight? Just let me know, and I’ll link!


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