Pic’n’Post: The Statue


There’s a story here somewhere… Could be the couple, could be something to do with the statues. Strange shapes, aren’t they? Three of them, forming a triangle. The couple look relaxed, but have they stepped inadvertently into danger? Or perhaps they’re just discussing what it means to them…

Over to you

Ideas for a story? A link to something you’ve read? Maybe a post on your blog that’s related. What does the picture suggest to you?

No ideas came in from last week’s Pic’n’Post, which was only to be expected as it was the first. But it did get seen and liked, so thanks are due to Emma, who is a dedicated reader (we need such people!); oneanna65, who’s written about cancer; jacke, who has way more experience than me in writing / publishing; Robert, whose pics’n’poems are definitely worth a visit; Sherry, who gives us good publishing insights; Verena, who blogs for the joy of writing; Jonathan, whose recursive words are a pleasure to read; and Anatoly, whose pics of the Philippines blow me away. Thanks also to Luke (but I couldn’t find a link to his blog) and to Roz for her very nice comment.

I hope this can become a guest post page, either for a photo to be used as a prompt, a text based on a photo, or both.

My own idea for last week’s picture was that it could be a metaphor for any of the difficult crossings we make through life: from adolescent to adult; through illness, mental or physical; or simply some though some challenge which we thought at first insuperable before finding that we finally made it…


But it could also be a literal crossing, a do-or-die attempt to get to the other side, pursued by brigands, monsters, or Furies…

In reality, the bridge crosses the Hunza river in northern Pakistan. I went down to look at it, thinking I’d give it a go, but my wife ordered me not to. I protested, of course, but she was adamant. (OK, I’m fibbing – I chickened out completely). We climbed back up to the village, and looking down, saw a couple of boys stepping jauntily across. Of course. An absolute doddle.


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