Pic’n’Post – Over to You!


When they saw the gaps in the bridge, and the fast-flowing river beneath, their hearts sank. They looked at each other in dismay, defeated even before they began. Then the starkness of their situation jolted them back to the only reality present: they had no idea if they could or would get across, but they knew they had to try.

Now over to you!

Who are they? Where are they from? Where are they going? Will they succeed in getting to the other side? I’d love to hear your ideas! Very brief – a couple of lines would do, which could tell of something you’d like to write, something you’ve already written, or something you’ve read or seen elsewhere and would like to draw attention to.

This is Pic’n’Post, which I hope to make a regular feature of my blog. Every week I’ll post a picture which readers are invited to interpret as they wish in order to submit the outline of a story or a non fiction essay or article. For example, the bridge here could be taken literally but also figuratively – life is full of precarious bridges to cross.

I’m not sure yet how Pic’n’Post will develop. I see it as a way to connect with other bloggers, sharing ideas instead of just posting my own. So all comments are welcome, not just in response to the bridge photo, but about the idea of Pic’n’Post itself. I look forward to hearing from you!


2 thoughts on “Pic’n’Post – Over to You!

  1. I am enjoying your blog immensely . For three initial reasons .
    First I don’t really think I am half as talented as you and yet I feel the need to delve under my bushel and attempt to light my candle too.
    Secondly last week my friend who has cancer was giving away her books and I chose an edition of 6 books by George Orwell . I remembered Animal Farm was the feature book we had to study for our English exam in school. I enjoy reading out loud (which probably stems from my dad reading the Jungle Book to us as kids) so I am reading it to Phil. Other than this I cannot honestly say I am not an avid reader. I guess I dabble a bit as I am forever on the go with other stuff. But I do want to write.
    Thirdly I would love to potter about with your Pic and Post. I think it’s a great idea as I love photography and I would love to give it a go. Unfortunately it has to go on hold as I am behind with my 101 assignments already .
    Thanks for sharing
    Roz Hill


    • Thanks for the comment, Roz. Not sure yet where the Pic’n’Post will lead, but ultimately to some guest posts, I hope. I need to look at a few examples to see how best to do it, but whenever you’re ready, give the word!
      On another note, you must be pretty close to where I grew up – visiting your blog made me all nostalgic!


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